Daniel Craig Is My Grandfather

My paternal grandfather may not be the current star of an iconic espionage film franchise, but he does happen to be called Daniel Craig. I recently discovered an interesting fact about him, I hope you find it as delightfully strange as I do.

My father grew up in a house with two Daniels; his father and his brother, Uncle Dan and Grampa to me. There is in fact a third Dan in the Craig family, one I had never heard about before. You see, my grandfather Daniel had a brother called Daniel. He also had two brothers called James! My great grandparents must have been sadly lacking in imagination, four children with only two names between them.

If I was ever saddled blessed with children, I would undoubtedly give them more colourful monikers. I could name them after some of my favourite films, for instance. And not films named for their main characters either, I steadfastly refuse to name my offspring Harold and Maude, Laura or Annie Hall. No, something really outlandish, Duck Soup or Top Hat perhaps. Maltese Falcon and his sister Cassie Blanca. No, wait, I’ve got it! Allow me to introduce my firstborn child: Apartment.

2 Responses to “Daniel Craig Is My Grandfather”

  1. God knows you could do a lot better than “Apple”.

  2. Speaking of Daniel Craig, I just saw him the other week in “Infamous”, the *other* Capote movie, and he was fantastic. He was also very good in a British indie called “The Mother”, in which he has an affair with an older woman. I hope James Bond won’t see him losing these character roles, which he is very good at.

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