Elbow live at the Paradiso

Guy Garvey of Elbow

I have enjoyed each Elbow album as and when they were released but their latest, The Seldom Seen Kid, is possibly their finest. A friend of mine also recently became a fan, and a combination of a new album and Den’s enthusiasm for them has renewed my own interest in the band. Fabchannel, a site which broadcasts concerts from the Paradiso in Amsterdam, has recently released an Elbow concert which is worth watching for any fans out there. The setlist is great, the crowd receive them warmly and frontman Guy Garvey gracefully manages to fill the occasional gaps caused by technical difficulties. To bring the band back on for an encore, Garvey asks that instead of the usual clapping, the crowd sing them a song. Cue… well, you’ll see!

One Response to “Elbow live at the Paradiso”

  1. You were ahead of the curve, Mr Craig, in writing about Elbow mere days before their Mercurial triumph …

    This sounds like a fine concert, anyhow. I’d sort of forgotten about Elbow, til recently. Thank you for being a few days earlier to remind me of their existence.

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