Quote of the Day

I may have been too rash in awarding Ginger Rogers the title Ankles of the Week on Friday. A viewing of The Lady Eve made me seriously consider revoking her award and giving it to Barbara Stanwyck. But Miss Rogers won the award fair and square, and it’s only my own indecisiveness that put it in jeopardy. Or is it? Anyway, I have decided to replace weekly awards with daily ones. Not every day, of course, that would be absurd. But today I do have an outstanding quote to present to you.

“He’s working on a vehicle for Helen for next season. She plays Jesus’ mother. It’s a whole Oedipal thing. He loves her, wants to do in the father, well you can see the complications.”

Sid Loomis (Harvey Fierstein)

Quote of the Day was taken from Bullets Over Broadway (1994), directed by Woody Allen and co-written by Woody Allen and Douglas McGrath.

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