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Quote of the Day: The Third Man

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Anna starts rummaging in her handbag for money — in the process some of the contents tumble out on the counter including a photograph. Martins picks it up.


Yes. He moved his head, but the rest is good, isn’t it?

Upon watching The Third Man for maybe a third or fourth time, that line affected me as it never had before. It’s just a small moment, but it perfectly mixes humour with sadness. First I laughed, imagining a blurred head on a botched photograph, but then the poignancy of it overcame me. That Anna would keep even a botched photograph of her dead love, and even carry it with her in her handbag, is too sad for words.

So I shall say no more. Except The Third Man is a truly great film on all levels.

Quote of the Day: Almost Famous

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Almost Famous is one of my favourite films from a purely emotional perspective, and I think one of the best ever to be made about music. If you haven’t seen the extended Untitled cut, I recommend it – it makes the journey last that little bit longer.

There are certain moments and certain lines in the film that truly encapsulate what it is to be a music fan, “to truly love some silly little piece of music, or some band, so much that it hurts.” A particular favourite of mine is spoken by Lester Bangs, a real-life critic and mentor for the lead character, teenaged rock journalist William Miller. As an eternally unhip person, I will forever cherish this advice.

The only true currency in this bankrupt world… is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.

– Lester Bangs (Philip Seymour Hoffman), Almost Famous

Word of the Day: Glemanuilt

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Tonight I dug out my dog-eared copy of The Meaning of Liff; “a dictionary of things that there aren’t any words for yet” by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd. All the words are in fact place names to which they assigned appropriate (or inappropriate) definitions. I must have had it for at least ten years, the inside cover has my name and form group written on in pencil – Alastair Craig 8CD.

Anyway, one that particularly struck me today was…

Glemanuilt (n.)

The kind of guilt which you’d completely forgotten about which comes roaring back on discovering an old letter in a cupboard.

Quote of the Day: Stewart Lee

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Stewart Lee: 41st Best Stand Up Ever

Stewart Lee has spoiled me. His work is so precise, so honed and controlled that it puts most other stand-up comedians to shame. His delivery is slow but perfectly timed, his choice of words impeccable. Sometimes he deliberately irritates his audience with repetition or sly insults, but I find that very funny indeed. At times he even picks apart his material on stage, explaining why it may or may not work and how he came to that conclusion.

In short, he knows what he’s doing. Which is more than can be said for a lot of comedians, many of whom I suspect went into comedy because their mates down the pub told them they were “well funny”. Stewart Lee is to other comedians what John Coltrane is to a kid with a kazoo. And what that kazoo-playing kid is to Kenny G.

His latest DVD, 41st Best Stand Up Ever is not quite as great as his previous one, but still most enjoyable. But the first half is so funny I’m actually too exhausted to laugh by the end, whereas I always find the necessary energy to laugh at his Standup Comedian DVD. However, it does feature a wonderful bit about the Celebrity Big Brother racism scandal, and the absurdity of light entertainment stars trying to make a serious statement.

When Martin Luther King saw racism in 1960s America, Martin Luther King called it out in the strongest, most visionary, eloquent terms possible. Martin Luther King said;
“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.” – Martin Luther King.

And when Russell Brand saw racism in his place of work, Big Brother, Russell Brand said;
“Oooh! There’s been some bad racism and stuff going down today, and no mistake, my liege. It’s made Mr. Winky go right small it has. Oh yes it has, oh yeah. And my ballbag, my old ballbag, has only gone up my bum. Here’s H from Steps.”

Happy Birthday Lauren Bacall

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"You know how to whistle, don't you Steve?"

Just a quick note in celebration of Lauren Bacall’s 84th birthday. She surely had one of the best screen debuts of all time, in To Have and Have Not with her future husband Humphrey Bogart. And I suppose the rest of her career has been pretty good too! She also said one of my favourite quotes, speaking out against cosmetic surgery –

I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that.

Happy birthday, Miss Bacall.

Quote of the Day

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I watched Radio Days last night, but I don’t feel like writing up a full review. It’s one of my favourites, so I’d either dissect it and spoil it for myself, or overflow with praise and make you physically sick. I know, I know, I’m a bad critic! Anyway, I did feel like sharing one of my many favourite lines from the film.

I compromised when I picked Martin. I mean, I wanted someone tall, handsome and rich. Three out of three I gave up.

Mother (Julie Kavner)

Quote of the Day

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I may have been too rash in awarding Ginger Rogers the title Ankles of the Week on Friday. A viewing of The Lady Eve made me seriously consider revoking her award and giving it to Barbara Stanwyck. But Miss Rogers won the award fair and square, and it’s only my own indecisiveness that put it in jeopardy. Or is it? Anyway, I have decided to replace weekly awards with daily ones. Not every day, of course, that would be absurd. But today I do have an outstanding quote to present to you.

“He’s working on a vehicle for Helen for next season. She plays Jesus’ mother. It’s a whole Oedipal thing. He loves her, wants to do in the father, well you can see the complications.”

Sid Loomis (Harvey Fierstein)

Quote of the Day was taken from Bullets Over Broadway (1994), directed by Woody Allen and co-written by Woody Allen and Douglas McGrath.