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Stumbling Down Memory Lane

Posted in Film, Nothing Really with tags , , , , on 9 February, 2009 by Ally

I discovered Monty Python as a young teen, as young teens have been doing ever since the Flying Circus was first smuggled onto the midnight airwaves. So many of their quotes are indelibly branded into my very psyche, thanks to repeating viewing during my so-called formative years. It is so much a part of my childhood that I eventually distanced myself from it, putting away childish things to become a fully-fledged (or at least partially-fledged) man. But today I stumbled upon a highly-defined time machine, when a blu-ray copy of Life of Brian arrived from my DVD rental service.

I recalled the dialogue vividly, but the actual meaning of the film had disappeared in the foggy recesses. It is strange territory to revisit such stuff after so long and see what my 11-year-old self was too young to understand or appreciate. Or perhaps I was just too giddied by the exuberant surrealism and anarchy to detect the prominent religious and social satire running through the narrative. The absurdity of it always appealed to me, but the significance of said absurdity had completely eluded my younger self. Silly person.

The pleasant surprise was that it still made me laugh. And much like the Simpsons, what makes me laugh now differs from what made me laugh back then — although, thanks to its constant presence on the television schedules, the Simpsons never dropped off my radar in the same way Python did. This made watching Python an interesting (if somewhat narcissistic) yardstick by which to measure my own personal growth.

And I have come to the conclusion that I have not grown. I have merely changed shape.