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Everything Will Be OK

Posted in Animation, Film with tags , , , , , , , on 14 September, 2008 by Ally

Don Hertzfeldt, 2006

Don Hertzfeldt is the creator of cult classic Rejected, which charted the fictionalized breakdown of the animator in a series of hilarious, increasingly bizarre (and very quotable) vignettes, all supposedly made for advertising but rejected outright. Everything Will Be OK refines the animation techniques and tells a genuinely affecting story. It depicts the life of Bill as he undergoes treatment for an unspecified mental condition. His mundane existence gradually becomes a terrible trial as he suffers from hallucinations, surreal dreams and loss of bodily control.

Hertzfeldt’s drawing style is simplistic, animating stick figures directly on paper, with lighting effects and still photographs adding fascinating textures. Bill’s mental disorder is represented by various “windows” on the screen, achieved with multiple exposures and other old fashioned in-camera effects. The piece itself is reminiscent of a silent film, with voice-over narration instead of lip-synched dialogue in all but a few dream sequences. All of the drawing and most of everything else is done by Hertzfeldt himself, taking him several years to make each short film. Continue reading