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Eels: Swimming With The Fail Whale

Posted in Music with tags , , , , , on 24 April, 2009 by Ally

I don’t leave the house much
I don’t like being around people
Makes me nervous and weird
I don’t like going to shows either

‘Things The Grandchildren Should Know’ by Eels

Today Eels announced on their official website that they will no longer use their Twitter account. Twitter is one of a growing number of social media services, and Eels leader Mark Oliver Everett (aka E) is hardly a sociable man, so his unwillingness to embrace Twitter is hardly surprising. What disappoints me is the spectacular way in which he threw his toys from the pram before announcing his departure from the Twittersphere.


"This shit is retarded"

At 16:13 BST, @THE_EELS commented “this shit is retarded” before redirecting fans to the band’s official website. Twitter is a platform for communication but all E did was broadcast, and what he broadcast was pejorative and distasteful. Political correctness has seemingly fallen from favour, but there is something to be said for tact and respect. This was an undignified expression of contempt and an extremely poor choice of words. Twitter will be a happier place without Eels.