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Shameless Self Promotion

Posted in Music with tags , , , , , , , , , on 13 September, 2008 by Ally

Click the kitty to listen on

There’s something you ought to know about me. I’m a musician by trade. Doesn’t it make your heart sing? No, wait… whatchacallit… sink! Anyway, I did the guitars and the voice, and wrote the songs. The drums are by Stephen Gilchrist (Stuffy/the Fuses) and the bass is by Ruth Goller (Acoustic Ladyland). One of the tracks also has Pete Wareham (Acoustic Ladyland and Polar Bear) playing his amazing saxophone.

I don’t expect everyone to like what I do, but on the offchance that you do, please know that I have self-released a single; self-released because no one else expects everyone to like what I do either! But if you like Cardiacs, Deerhoof, Charlottefield and that sort of thing, you might like to give it a listen. There’s also a very lovely review on Heavy Soil if you still can’t make your mind up.

Since the lyrics are vaguely related to film, I also present a free download. Ally Craig – Pilot Inspektor (MP3). It’s about… well, I’ll let you work it out for yourself. There’s also more stuff on MySpace. OK, I’ll get back to writing about flickering things now.

Song of the Day

Posted in Music, Of the Day with tags , , , , , on 11 September, 2008 by Ally

Click the picture to visit the official Deerhoof website. Warning, it ain't easy on the peepers!

Deerhoof are probably my favourite band at the moment. I suppose when already using the qualifier “at the moment”, I don’t need to add the indecisiveness of “probably” to the mix… Deerhoof are my favourite band at the moment. There, happy? Their new album Offend Maggie is due out on ATP on 6th October in the UK, and the ‘hoof have been kind enough to whet my appetite with a sample. The title track is now free to download on their website, and I’m positively salivating.

Listening to Deerhoof makes me want to throw my hands in the air and say a BIG YES to life itself. That’s nonsense, sorry. Essentially they are a band of contradictions; shambolic but tight, experimental but anthemic, classic but innovative. Awkward and noisy but melodic and adorable. Deceptively simple songs with delightfully intricate arrangements. To use a nasty buzz-word, they’re synergetic. I am unable to adequately describe the joy that Deerhoof bring, so instead I refer you to a piece by my friend Rebecca. Take notes and have your essays back to me by the end of next week.

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