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Angels With Dirty Faces

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Michael Curtiz, 1938

There’s these two kids, see, Rocky and Jerry. They’re up to no good, pickin’ on girls and gettin’ into mischief. One day these two kids try to rob a railroad car full o’ fountain pens, but the guard spies ’em and they gotta make a break for it. Jerry can run just a little faster, so he gets away, but Rocky ain’t so lucky. He’s packed off to reform school and grows up to be a notorious gangster. Jerry’s life takes a completely different path.

All grown up, Father Jerry Connally’s (Pat O’Brien) pet project is a bunch o’ kids he’s hoping to keep on the right side of the law. When Rocky Sullivan (James Cagney) gets outta the slammer, he heads back to his old neighbourhood and meets up with Jerry for old times’ sake. The kids get a kick outta Rocky, see, they start to idolize the guy. Well what can he do? He’s a charismatic guy fergodssakes! Continue reading