About Mr. Craig


Mr. Craig in his natural habitat

Flickering Too Long was originally intended as an outlet for reviews of every film I saw. When I realised I rarely had fresh insights into classic films, and often couldn’t be bothered to form an opinion beyond “good” or “bad”, I soon gave that up. Now it’s merely an outlet for occasional musings on music, cinema and other such things.

A few things you should know about me:

I’m a musician (a fancy word for unemployed), specialising in rhythmically awkward, mildly dissonant songs for guitar and voice. You can listen to my stuff on bugprentice.com.

I live in a small boring village in Oxfordshire. It’s full of schools and pubs, apparently catering for everyone from cradle to grave.

I am a wheelchair-user. I find this deeply uninteresting, but since it’s not immediately apparent in print, most people consider it worth mentioning for clarity’s sake.

People find it hard to tell when I’m joking. All future blogs will contain footnotes to help you discern between gags and serious statements*.

*That is a joke.

One Response to “About Mr. Craig”

  1. Great blog, Ally. What a pleasure to read a blog that respects the English language. Should’ve bookmarked this earlier.

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