Song of the Day: “Ruby, My Dear”

Today I happily stumbled upon Hisae Nakajima’s beautifully angular performance of Thelonious Monk’s (already quite angular) ballad Ruby, My Dear. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

3 Responses to “Song of the Day: “Ruby, My Dear””

  1. Don Sulis Says:

    That was relaxingly delightful! I had to look up the meaning of “angular” pertaining to music criticism, and found this article.

    Does this bit not bring to mind a certain famous Fry and Laurie sketch?

    “To describe a piece of music as “angular” actually functions on two levels, the simpler being as a description of rhythmic discontinuity.”

  2. I just found her on youtube today and am so moved by Ruby My Dear, Misty, and some more recent things (like Straight No Chaser). I don’t know much, but to me she seems like a major jazz talent.

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