Introduction of the Day: Only Connect

Victoria Coren’s introduction to this week’s edition of Only Connect made me laugh heartily indeed. Allow me to share it with you:

Hello and welcome to Only Connect; the quiz that tests not just knowledge but more importantly lateral thinking — That ability to switch lanes suddenly in the middle of a mental journey, without ploughing into a milk float and scattering yoghurt all over the tarmac of logic.

2 Responses to “Introduction of the Day: Only Connect”

  1. She is one milk float I wouldn’t mind ploughing into. I would have prefered pretty much any other object in place of “milk float” there. She in no way resembles a milk float.

  2. Funny how such a talented and interesting lady inspires such vulgarity. If you Google her name, you’ll find countless message board threads made by people that would certainly like to conjugate her verbs, or dash piffle all over her balder. And I would indeed like to do that, but I wouldn’t dream of expressing such vile sentiments in public. Shame on you, Donwise.

    She is lovely though.

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