Broken Jokes

One of my favourite things to do is break jokes. That is, to change the punchline of a famous joke so it no longer makes sense. Some examples:

A ghost floats into a bar and orders a double vodka.
The barman says; “Sorry, we don’t serve ghosts.”

Q: What do you call a man in a paper suit?
A: Bob.

Unfortunately for me, the best example of such a joke is by Simon Munnery as his Security Guard character:

Three security guards go into a bar.
Nothing happens. That’s our job.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten my best one. Bugger.

One Response to “Broken Jokes”

  1. You should get ‘Someone Likes Yogurt’ by Richard Herring, it is a comical experiment in tedium, which brings anti-humour to a new level.

    clips here:

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