Very Punny

It is my ambition to write an old-fashioned screwball comedy full of puns, pratfalls and self-imposed censorship. It’s a pointless exercise when you could just watch an old Cary Grant film or something, but it would be fun for me. And only me. Here is a pun I’m saving for my forthcoming screwball comedy:

Sorry I’m late, I crashed my car at the hospital.
Yeah, I backed myself into a coroner.

5 Responses to “Very Punny”

  1. You *must* do it. The world simply doesn’t have enough old-fashioned screwball comedies. Make sure the dialogue runs at 1,000 words per minute, just like “His Girl Friday” (easier said than done) and you’ll be set.

    PS. I like the pun.

  2. The whole thing is easier said than done, I’d need an idea for an actual story too. And a voodoo priest to raise Cary Grant from the dead. If I tried to make a film, it would probably end up as a series of scenes manufactured for the purposes of some awful joke or other. Still, at least it’d be funnier than “My Family”…

  3. haha i like puns more than i probably should, and i loved that one :D

  4. I thought “What’s Up Doc?” was a pretty good attempt. And “Clue” is one of my favourite films – great ensemble cast, and apparently director Jonathan Lynn (of Yes Minister fame) had them watching “His Girl Friday” on the set to get them in the mood.

    There was also a film a couple of years ago called “Touch of Pink” about a guy who had Cary Grant as an imaginary friend which was quite sweet.

  5. I meant more that I’d have trouble doing it, I’ve never written a script in my life. In fact I’m not sure I’ve ever READ a script in my life, which would be useful research…

    Thanks for those recommendations. I saw “Clue” when I was little and liked it a lot, mostly because “Hey, it’s a movie of a board game!” – and it had Christopher Lloyd in it, “Back to the Future” being my favourite film at the time.

    “Touch of Pink” looks fun, kind of a gay version of “Play It Again, Sam” with Cary Grant instead of Bogart. Kyle MacLachlan’s voice seems sliiightly off, but a better Cary than I can do anyway! I’ve added it to my rental list.

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