Ankles of the Week!

Each and every Friday I will be awarding an… award… to the most outstanding candidate in the field of my whimsical whim. This could be a particularly amusing or touching piece of dialogue, a song-and-dance routine, a ridiculous piece of scenery or, as in this case, a body part. The award for Ankles of the Week goes to Ginger Rogers. For more pictures of Ginger Rogers and other Hollywood stars, visit Doctor Macro.

Ankles of the Week

3 Responses to “Ankles of the Week!”

  1. Are we allowed to send in our own ankle shots for consideration?

  2. But of course! I say those are my favourite ankles, but as The Dude himself would say, “that’s like, just your opinion, man.”

  3. Ally, the line you quote is proof of your excellent taste.

    Talk to Rebecca about this. Both she and Bronagh persistently undermine my admiration of ‘The Big Lebowski’, in a way I find somewhat trying, at times.

    On the first occasion on which I watched the film, the ‘your opinion’ line rendered me inoperative for a minute or two as I laughed until white russian practically came from my nose.

    (Did I just go too far?)

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